Builders & Concreters:

At PM Groundworks we enable builders to prepare for their chosen concreter who is reluctant to complete the prep works required for difficult sites or sites that require extensive preparation before the drains/slab phase. This allows Builders to either engage their concreter with fixed m2 rates or bulk rates as well as freeing up the resource to focus on the slab formwork and placement process.

At PM Groundworks we enable residential builders to take on builds that they normally wouldn’t due to the complexity of the site conditions or the capacity of the concreters normally carrying out their residential slabs.

PM Ground Works

At PM Groundworks we enable concreters who don’t have the time for extensive slab prep and want to simply complete only formwork and placement contracts to their builder or home owner clients.

Home Owners:

At PM Groundworks we enable home owners who want to complete their own “site prep” works and provide updated feature surveys to their chosen builder to avoid the heavy and ambiguous site costs often quoted in the new homes residential industry.

At PM Groundworks we enable home owners who want to excavate or reshape their front and rear yards prior to extensive landscaping or future Pools or just for flattening out yards for more practical use.

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